Observations from an incurable optimist who helps us to see that there are two sides to every story.


Does anyone feel that the more social media networks we are attached to, the less we know and the more time we waste? When we spend valuable time on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest, how much happier, light or energetic …Read more »

About MJ Viederman

MJ is an incurable optimist, passionate change-maker, mother, wife, nature-lover and youngest of ten siblings. Her 25 years of working with progressive brands has led her to want to work with and inspire college students who are seeking a similar path but have no manual. Together, we are making it up.


These are often the silent warriors, doing the hardest work, for the least glory. Sometimes the purpose is for themselves or their families and sometimes for causes and issues far greater than we can imagine. But these are the people and stories that I continue to learn about, be inspired by and want to share. These are the stories that are changing the world.

In the coming months and years, I hope to bring you stories about individuals, communities and organizations overcoming adversity and taking on incredible struggles while keeping hope out in front.

About TRU2U

TRU2U is a more than branding/marketing—it is a movement for incubating social change makers—students, companies, non-profits, NGOs and entrepreneurs. We believe that the greatest good can be achieved when truth, and transparency are used as a driving force for change.

Progressive Brand Work

TRU2U Progressive Brands | Client Logos

We have been lucky to work with some pretty high integrity brands. We jump in with new partners, helping to extract brand truths, points of differentiation, and true colors—where each organization shines.




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